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8 Tableware Essentials for Hosting Friendsmas 

Party season is once again upon us. A time to get together with the people we love and celebrate the year we’ve had. If this year, you get the pleasure of being the host of one of these occasions, we have a list of 8 tableware essentials to make the preparations that much easier for you. Let’s go…

1. A tablecloth

It’s going to get messy so one of these is always advised. Whether it’s a wipe clean one or one that you can just stick in the wash the next day is up to you. It helps to avoid a ruined table and is also a great base for whatever party aesthetic you’re going for. In Emma’s opinion, the tablecloth is the piece that ties the whole look together. 

2. Table runner

If you want to take the table dressing to the next level, then a table runner is a great addition. It’s a great way to elevate your design or theme and bring attention to the centre of the table.

3. Centrepieces

A nice centrepiece can be the difference between a normal dinner table and dinner party. It really doesn’t need to be anything elaborate or expensive, just something pretty to show the thought and effort you’ve put into the occasion. A bunch of flowers, for example, is inexpensive, easy to get and very pretty.

4. Candles

Lit or just for display, candles are a great decorative companion to a centrepiece. They come in all kinds of shapes, colours and design so can make your table unique and they add a lovely sense of cosiness to the spread. We just so happen to have a few gorgeous hand-painted candles available… 

5. Wine glass identifiers

Drinks getting muddled and swapped is inevitable at friendsmas but there is a solution… wine glass identifiers. They are functional, personal and very cute. This could even be a fun little DIY project for you to do with your friends, all you need is some wire and beads. We also love these ones on etsy.

6. Napkins

As we mentioned before, dinner parties can get messy. So, having napkins on hand is always a good idea. Though, why settle for boring throwaway napkins? Opt for some that elevates your spread design which can be washed and reused over and over again. Harriet loves the look and practicality of folding a napkin and placing the cutlery inside it to help the table look pretty white keeping the knives and forks nicely hidden. 

7. Coasters and placemats

Again, these are both practical and pretty. They are obviously useful for keeping drink and food mess off the table but are also great for adding more layers to your gorgeous table layout. If you’re into DIY then these can be fun and easy to make yourself, for example, crocheted coasters make a beautiful addition to the table. Or if you prefer some that are ready made, we have these tile coasters available in our shop.

8. Pretty snack dishes

And finally, for the food that sticks around throughout the event, get some cute dishes to serve them in. We’re talking dips, olives, breadsticks, etc, they stay around to nibble on so why not make them look good too. Charity shops are a great place to find dishes like these which are both inexpensive and unique. 

We obviously missed the basics like plates, cutlery and glasses because they go without saying but we hope this is a useful list to help you elevate your dinner party. Let us know if you think we missed anything!

Lot’s of love,

MH xox

Bonus tip: Have another surface clear nearby to put all the dishes on once passed around to avoid a pile up in the middle of your pretty table. 

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