Welcome to Memory Holmes!

Memory Holmes is a conscious homeware and lifestyle brand founded in 2023 by artists Harriet Memory and Emma Holmes.

‘We enjoy creating colourful products to breathe life into the spaces you choose to relax, create or work in.’

With a passion for experimenting with bold colours and fun designs, Memory Holmes is always looking for ways to add a pop of colour to an unloved space. From their first collection ‘Inspired by Nature’ featuring art prints, postcards and stickers, they are now plunging into tableware designs with a focus on creating unique one-of-one products.

“We are very conscious about how our footprint can impact the natural world and try our very best to be sustainable. We source our materials locally in the UK where possible and are continually discussing how to best make our products so they don’t harm the planet.”

Memory Holmes talks more about how their products are made within product descriptions and on social media platforms. They also love to collaborate with other like-minded artists and small businesses, so do say hi!

For custom-made and bespoke designs our inboxes are always open.

Thank you for joining us!

Love Harriet and Emma x

“We hope our products make you happy and transform your spaces into havens you want to relax and be inspired in. We’re also living in a critical time for the environment and we don’t want to contribute further to this, there’s nothing better than a beautiful product that doesn’t harm the planet.” ~ Harriet


Each of our products are designed and created to with the idea of bringing joy, individuality and colour to your homes and workspaces. It’s important to us to create products that are unique and long-lasting while also being kind to our planet. I hope you love them!” ~ Emma

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